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KAIMIKE Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic yangzhou hanjiang District, is a specialized in polymer polymerization engineering company, including PET equipments、 PBT equipments THF plant, PET Regeneration plant, solid-phase viscosity-increasing device, PA6 plant、PBAT equipments, PLA equipments  PA66 plant and Polymerization experiment plant  , can provide technical services, on-site installation guidance and engineering general contracting and other services.

The company is committed to the development and application of new technologies, adhere to the cooperation with scientific research units, colleges and universities, so that it becomes a strong backing, in the installation of vacuum problems, installation of energy-saving environmental protection, renewable polyester new technology applications have been a breakthrough.
The company has excellent team, long-term engaged in polymer polymerization research work, and has a wealth of engineering and production experience. To Advanced technology, high quality equipment, good of services Won the customer's trust and praise, the company insisted on the basis of technological innovation, and constantly improve the service level, to achieve the company's benign development. Company in the development process, with excellent service, leading technology advantages and many chemical fiber and polymer enterprises to establish a good partnership. Company The pursuit of quality-oriented, customer satisfaction as the center to create First-class brand As a target , long-term cooperation with domestic large-scale equipment manufacturers to ensure the quality of equipment in Pursuit Equipment Quality On the basis of , more attention to after-sales service system, the establishment of corporate culture, is committed to establishing corporate image and brand.

The company is accustomed to pursue mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness and the spirit of positive development, We firmly believe that as long as the market-oriented, innovation as the driving force to the quality of survival, development and growth, we will certainly win a better tomorrow.

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Mobile phone (WeChat、WhatsApp): +8613665272139


Address:  No. 109,Jiangyang xi  Road, yangzhoui, Jiangsu

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